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A Burp a Day keeps the Doctor AWAY !!
Paul Hunn - King of the Belches

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My Name is Paul Hunn and my enormous talent is holding the Guinness Book of Records World BELCHING Record. I have travelled all round the world showcasing this 'Talent'.
I have included various Videos and Press cuttings about myself on this Site. Please feel free to browse around and enjoy. I have included specialist pages for each organisation.



I have now proudly held my GUINNESS WORLD RECORD 

for 19 Years

I was invited onto "Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule"

I'm told the show will air in June 2019.

After an absence of some seven years I'm delighted to say that I am back In the book.
My entry refers to appearing at "The Big Bang Fair"
This is my entry in the brilliant new book from Guinness World Records titled Science & Stuff.
I'm well happy with this, it's a great read and a fun way of looking at the science behind some of the more amusing records.


May 2018

Further to my inclusion in the new book , I was invited to participate at this great event. Go to The Big Bang Fair 2018 page to see what happened.

I would like to thank my Good friend John Vane for creating this site, and also my mate Adrian Bullock, my I T man at work who converts the videos, pictures and press cuttings for me.
I should  also mention my brother Scott who got me into all this by simply being in the right place at the right time to hear Steve Penks advert on Capital Radio in Feb 2000.

Last but certainly not least I would like to thank and apologise to my lovely wife Leyla and  beautiful daughter Leah for putting up with my disgusting habit.