Burper King

A Burp a Day keeps the Doctor AWAY !!
Paul Hunn - King of the Belches

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A man who trained by eating curries and kebabs, and drinking fizzy drinks has set a record for the world's loudest burp. Paul Hunn, from Enfield, north London, was measured burping at 118.1 decibels - a similar volume to a pneumatic drill or a jet engine at take-off. Mr Hunn said: "My burp can upset people and make them jump so I have to be careful. You can even hear it in nightclubs.

"It's a winner down the pub but it's not such a hit with women. My girlfriend's only just getting used to it.

"There's nobody in the world to touch me at burping - I've just got a natural talent for it."

His record will be entered into the Guinness Book in October, The Sun reports.

The Burper King is Born
This is where it all started in August 2000, not with that young lady, of course, but with my great Gooner Hero, Ian Wright.

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