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A Burp a Day keeps the Doctor AWAY !!
Paul Hunn - King of the Belches

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       Radio Appearances  

These are some recordings where I have made the odd appearance on the Radio. My friend John says that these are invaluable, saying I have a good face for Radio.

What does he mean by that?


On Friday 26th October 2012 I did an interview for Huw  Stephens who was sitting in for Scott Mills.
He had to guess if I was telling the truth about my record.

Click on the Logo below to find out what happened
I regained my place in The Guinness World Records 2013 on September 13th 2012, and also did a radio interview for BBC THREE COUNTIES to promote the release of the book. Check it out below.
I spent a few days in Austria at their famous Vienna Recordia. This is held every year to celebrate the latest Guinness Records Book. On my return, I was interviewed on Talksport about my trip. Click on the Talksport Logo Below to listen in.
I also visited Italy to take part in the Ruttosound competition. Click on the Talksport Logo below to listen in again.

Here's my entertaining snippet on Steve and Karen's show on Galaxy FM back on 1ST August 2002. Click on the Galaxy Logo to here it NOW !!
I have a few other appearances which I will add to this page later.