Burper King

A Burp a Day keeps the Doctor AWAY !!
Paul Hunn - King of the Belches

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These are just a few pictures of my handsome self and where I've been and some of the great people I've met over the years.

  Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule November 2018
The Body Shocking Show March 2013
Here's me trying to get Arsy Wenger to buy a New Centre-half !!

Me and Craig Glenday (Who was clearly impressed)

    Editor-in-Chief of Guiness Book of Records                   

Me and my windy mate Mr Methane 21 10 11
and me at the Vienna Recordia  


 This is the Apollo theatre where I was in the BGT 2010.


and here are some dodgy characters that I met. Which one is which again ??


My visit to Butlins to reclaim my Burping record which I did
with flying colours.

Me and my lovely daughter Leah with the 2009 award

I won this trophy back in 2006 at Christian O'Connells Sunday Service

Here I am with the wonderful Paul O'Grady.


And here with my Good mate Jay Leno.

and this is Me and actor Rob Lowe after the show

And this is my good friend Stephen Taylor, the Worlds longest Tongue

me and famous Japanese Comedienne Ayako Imoto 21st October 2011
 Here I am performing at The Ruttosound 2011