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The Big BANG Fair 2018





Having been included in the new Guinness World Records book titled Science&stuff I was invited by Craig, the editor in chief, to attend this fantastic event.

The event was held at the impressive NEC Birmingham and is the largest Science,  Technology, Engineering and Mathematics showcase for young people in the UK.

The Big Bang fair is held over four days, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is open to schools from all over the UK only and culminates in various awards and prizes for Young Engineer and Young Scientist of the year.

On the Saturday the event opens to parents and children.

Over 75,000 people attended during the course of the event.

Now what was Theburperking's part in in all this you might ask.

Well Guinness World Records were invited to appear and produce a stage show showcasing their latest release.

As I was heavily featured within the new book I was asked to demonstrate my record breaking talent.

We were on the Air Products Uk stage and performed two shows per day except for the Saturday.

The show was presented by Danny Hickson with Craig Glenday and Mark McKinley all from Guinness World Records.

It was a lighthearted but scientific look at the new book exploring the grossest, smelliest, weirdest and noisiest chapters.

I suppose I could really have been included within any of those categories however quite rightly, I think, noisiest was the one for me.

It was a great show and the kids were well entertained and transfixed throughout.

Some of them were lucky enough to get on the stage to help replicate the smell produced by the stinkiest flower known as the corpse flower.

It stinks of rotting flesh hence it's name.

Then came my turn.

The kids were firstly asked to guess what record I hold and then a couple were invited onto the stage to show what they could do.

Craig then talked through the science of burping and it was then time to let rip.

Up I stepped bottle of coke in hand, went through my routine, blasted a few out and cue the laughter, well mostly as the teachers didn't seem quite so impressed.

The kids then got an opportunity to attempt an official record for themselves.

They went for the loudest shout by a crowd. (indoors)

Overseen by a rather stern Mark of officially amazing and League of their Own fame they had to shout the word "QUIET" as loud as they could.

Unfortunately for them they fell some way short but they had fun trying.

All in all it was a fantastic event and I was grateful to all at Guinness World Records for their company and hospitality, and to all the children that I met that made the shows go so well. The Links below are a couple of Short GWR Videos from their Twitter feed.