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Britains Got Talent 2010




After being approached to appear on every Britains Got Talent so far, I reluctantly let them talk me into it this year. I previously declined as I don’t have an act as such, and did not fancy being ripped to shreds by Cowell and his Mob in front of an audience of millions. I don’t know what was different this year, but I thought ‘Sod it, Lets go and have a laugh !’, but was, of course, under no illusions, and I did not even expect to be shown on the televised auditions.
So off I went, it was a freezing cold day and it was snowing, Monday 8th Feb, I remember it well. I arrived at the Pre-audition Hotel in Hammersmith still not knowing what to do in front of the panel, so I decided to just go with the flow and blag my way through as best as I could.
I had to wait several hours before my turn finally arrived.  It was very nerve wracking stepping onto that vast stage in front of the panel and an audience of 3000. I was on stage for probably no more than three minutes, although it seemed like an eternity. Predictably, I was given short shrift by the panel and was XXXX’d before I could really get going. That pissed me off, as I had sat there all day and did not get the chance to really let Rip and demonstrate my Windy Talent. I had to make sure I could at least have a bit of  banter with them, before being sent packing. That I did, and with the stuff that was filmed backstage, I went away quite content with my days work.
It was now just a case of waiting to see if I was going to be shown. I was told I was to be sent an E-mail the week before, if selected. The weeks went by, and I knew BGT was about to hit the screens. Finally, my E-mail arrived, I was to appear on the first show on the 17th April 2010. I sat watching nervously, not knowing how it had been edited. Finally, there I was, one of the last acts.


It weren’t that bad actually, and I was well pleased with the way in which it had been done.
The only real disappointment was that I had introduced myself as ‘The Burperking’ and they had turned me into ‘The Burper’. If you watch carefully, you can see where it was cut.
I have to say, it was great to meet Ant and Dec backstage, they were a great laugh, and really appreciated a good Burp, unlike that miserable lot on the panel.