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My name is Paul Hunn and I am old enough to know better.

I hold "The Guinness World Record" for the loudest burp at 109.9db and I am extremely proud of this achievement.

I live in a small town called Waltham Abbey in Essex just on the outskirts of London with my wife Leyla who finds my talent totally disgusting and embarrassing.We have a daughter called Leah who finds it hilarious and will hopefully one day follow in my footsteps and hold the female world record. I am training her now and she is showing great potential.

When I am not burping I work as an accounts clerk for a firm of solicitors who would prefer to remain nameless, cant think why ,can you? In my spare time I play football badly for a veterans team where I am simply known as "Belch". I also watch a lot of football and I support Arsenal and GKS Belchatow from Poland.

I have now held the record for over 18 years, except for a very brief spell in 2009 when an Italian guy beat my then record of 107.1db. I wasn't going to take that lying down and soon regained the record which currently stands at 109.9db.

So where did this all start?

Well It all started in the school playground really where we used to have burping contests and I used to win hands down, I was also known to let one go in the classroom when the teachers back was turned. Boys will be boys. I would sometimes practice at home after school, although this was frowned upon by my parents particularly my Dad, although I do believe he's now secretly quite proud. 

I never dreamed I would ever be in the Guinness Book of Records and would travel the world because of a burp. Of course I used to read the great book as I'm sure most kids did and still do but to be in it, surely not. Who'd have thought it?

After leaving school I suppose I should have grown up really but it was hard to get away from burping as whenever I was in the pub old school friends would approach me and ask for one of my specials, what a great party piece, it was always worth a few free beers. And so it went on until I got a lucky break.

Sometime back in early 2000, my Brother Scott was in his car listening to Capital FM Radio when DJ and wind up merchant Steve Penk happened to mention that they were looking for people to attempt to beat the Guinness World Record for the loudest burp. He instantly thought of me and persuaded me to call the number given. I wasn't going to bother, fearing one of Penks famous radio windups, but then I thought sod it what have i got to lose and went for it. The phone was answered by a researcher for LWT who suggested I attend an audition for the Guinness World Records show to be hosted by the legendary Ian Wright of Arsenal fame. How could I refuse having spent many a Saturday afternoon hero worshipping Wrighty from the terraces of Highbury.

I attended the audition nervously not really expecting too much. I was in a big room with loads of other blokes and a few ladies being filmed in turn to see how loud we were, and how we came across on camera. I was quietly or loudly confident that I was better than those before me and this seemed to be confirmed as my fellow burpers seemed to think that I was some sort of burping god. We were then sent on our way and told that someone would be in touch soon.

I waited hopefully but did not have to wait long as I received a call from the researcher confirming that I had been selected to attempt the record on the show.   

Off I went , 5th April 2000, the record at this point was held by an American guy by the name of John Oesch at 114db so I had it all to do. I managed to smash the record and reach 118.1db (I'm told one decibel is quite a jump) I also got to meet Wrighty which was a pleasure.

I guess you are wondering about the difference in decibel readings between then and now as shown on my four certificates. I will explain later.

After filming the show i thought nothing more of it and assumed I had had my so called five minutes of fame so to speak.

Just before the show was to be aired I decided to contact my local newspapers, The Enfield Independent and Advertiser and they both published the story of my world record. I believe several national newspapers picked up the story, particularly The Sun. Through these articles, other television shows started to show an interest and I appeared on among others The Big Breakfast. I also conducted numerous Worldwide radio interviews. My record also seemed to capture the imagination of German Television and I travelled a couple of times to Berlin and Cologne. Whilst in Berlin, I filmed some hidden camera stuff in a restaurant which was hilarious, and on the 17th May 2000 a film crew were sent to London to film me in action. 

In November 2000, another film crew were sent to film there take on things. This one was shown on a program called "BLITZ".

Then in December, I was invited out to Berlin to film some hilarious hidden camera stuff in restaurants and various other locations for the same show. Now that was right up my street. Check out the video below filmed in December 2000 to see what happened.

Down the years I have been invited onto numerous high profile UK TV shows such as Graham Norton, Paul O'Grady and Britains got Talent to name but a few. I have also managed to burp myself around the World having appeared on TV shows in Germany, Austria, Japan and America, amazingly featuring on the Jay Leno show.
14th May 2005

I was invited on to the then extremely popular Saturday morning kids show "Ministry of Mayhem"

This was filmed and shown live and was hosted by a young up and coming Stephen Mulhern and Holly Willoughby, just look at them now.(No pun intended Holly)  

I had to take part in a weekly feature called "BURP AN ANIMAL" 

No prizes for guessing what I had to do although I was not given a run of the mill animal that the kids usually got, oh no, that would be far too simple for the Guinness World Record Holder. They selected for me "DUCKBILL PLATYPUS".

Click below to see if I managed it.

I am astonished at what has come from a simple burp and find it all very hard to believe, I still get asked to appear on TV to this day.

People often ask me if I have to train to burp like I do, the simple answer is no, it just comes naturally, although I do not eat on the day of a big performance. This leaves my stomach empty as I breathe in air and expel it again and I don't wish to risk following through. Fizzy drinks can help to build up the gasses within, and eating spicy food the day before can help.

With regards to side effects I unsurprisingly suffer very bad sore throats and can often taste blood at the back of my throat. I also seem to set off the other end and end up with an upset stomach and I seem to wee more often than usual. This all only lasts a couple of days before normality is restored.

Being in the Guinness Book of Records is great and of course everything that has come from it has been fantastic, seeing my name in print is weird and as I say I just did not expect any of the things that have followed and I feel very privileged.

With regards to the future who knows whats around the corner, I have got a real taste for this now and welcome every opportunity to let rip so to speak. I would really like to film some more hidden camera stuff burping at the unsuspecting public. That's right up my street, peoples reactions are so funny particularly those that are disgusted.

I also believe I can break my current record although it will be tough as i think 109.9db is very loud. Who knows I may even be able to set some other burping records.

If I lost my record permanently i would be gutted although at least I would be able to say I had ten years at the top, and could look back proudly at what I had achieved during my reign.

I did mention that my record was briefly beaten back in 2009 and I was very disappointed but determined to regain my record.This I managed to do at the Guinness World Records Roadshow at Butlins Bognor Regis, I duly obliged at 109.9db and bought the title back to England.

As previously mentioned you will notice from my certificates on the website and various other sources that the decibel levels vary from time to time . I will explain.

1) 5/4/2000  118.1db.  This was my first attempt where I beat the American guy. If you watch the video you will notice that I burp almost straight into the decibel metre which was deemed legal at the time.

2) 20/7/2004  In the mean time Guinness World Records had decided that any further attempts at this record should be measured at a distance of 2.5 metres and that I should reset my record. (If I had not done so I think my record would have stood for ever as under the new rules and regs 118.1db would have been nearly impossible to beat). I therefore set a then record of 104.9db at GWR'S London HQ.

3) 24/9/2008  I was invited onto The Paul O'Grady show to attempt to beat my record, this I did at 107.1db.

4) 23/8/2009  This was the big one at Butlins where I had to regain my record. Smashed it 109.9db.

Since then I have appeared on Britains got Talent (See BGT 2010 page)

In August 2010 I travelled out to Munich to audition for the German equivalent Das Supertalent where unfortunately I did not make the cut.
In October 2010, I travelled to The lovely city of Vienna in Austria to appear at their Vienna Recordia event which is an annual event held by Guinness World Records to showcase various records and promote the release of the new book.

In May 2011 I filmed for a programme to feature on The Discovery Channel. It wont be shown until the end of the year but I cant wait to see it, we shot some very amusing footage, I can say no more at the moment.  

On June 21st 2011 I will be attending this years legendary "Ruttosound" event in Italy.

This is a big part of an annual beer festival held in the the village of Reggiolo.

Part of the festival is dedicated to what is known as "Ruttosound", a popular event attended by around 20,000 people.

There is a stage on which numerous burpers of the highest calibre, both male and female compete for various prizes in categories including loudest, longest, talking and freestyle.

I don't yet know if I'm competing or just simply demonstrating to the adoring Italian public.
You can now read all about it on the Ruttosound Link above on the Main Menu.
(See more on my Ruttosound 2011 page by clicking on the Image below)

4th July 2011

Click on the Logo to access the Boys Brigade Site

I attended an event at the local Boys Brigade Company (3rd Enfield) for an evening of record attempts and to demonstrate my entry in The Guinness Book Of Records. My friends at Guinness had very kindly donated a few props to see that the event was a success.

The boys had been told that someone that's in the the book would be attending and were asked to guess what I was in the book for, unfortunately this did not last too long as one cheeky young lad recognised me immediately from Britain's Got Talent and couldn't wait to tell the others, rather spoiling the element of surprise.

The boys then attempted to break several records including sorting smarties by colour with chopsticks, skipping, yo-yoing and eating three cream crackers as quickly as possible which of course they all thought would be easy, how wrong they were. They could not resist having a go at my record which was rather amusing, I'm sure there were some disgusted parents that evening, well at least I hope there were.

Although no records were in danger of being broken all in all it was a great evening and I think the boys enjoyed themselves. I have shamelessly taken this extract from the Boys Brigade excellent site.

World Records evening
Added 13th July 2011 by Tom Boorman of the 3rd Enfield Boys Brigade

On 4th July, the boys got the chance to try some records from the Guinness Book of Records.

Records on offer involved eating cream crackers quickly, arranging Smarties using chopsticks, skipping quickly using a skipping rope, and more!

The evening also featured a visit from Paul Hunn, who currently holds the world record for the loudest burp at 109.9db. He appears in the 2011 edition of the Guinness Book of Records (as well as several previous editions), has travelled around the world performing his record and has also appeared on TV programmes such as Britain's Got Talent and the Paul O'Grady Show. 

We are thankful to Paul for coming along and the boys had great fun watching and listening to Paul demonstrating his record as well as trying some of the others for themselves!

You can check out some photos from the evening below...


I now eagerly await the release of the forthcoming edition of the book to see if I've made it in this year. I believe its due to hit the shops early September.

Oh well I didn't make it in this time but it's having the record that counts.

Not all records are published every year as there are so many and the book needs to be varied.

Instead I was chosen as one of the editors picks on the Guinness World Records Site which as far as I'm concerned is a great honour.  See the link below.
Friday 21st October 2011
I , today at long last had the flatulent pleasure of the legendary Mr Methane's company, it was great to put a face to the fart although not literally.

If you have ever seen him and wondered does he really do that then let me tell you them farts are 100% genuine and it's one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I was falling about laughing and nearly pissed myself.

We were both filming for a popular TV show with an audience of many millions that has to remain nameless until it has aired, if you'll excuse the pun. We both did our thing individually at separate London locations before meeting up and performing a fantastic duet to one of Mr Methane's favourites.
The show aired on the 6th November 2011 on the Nippon channel in Japan. The shows title in Japanese is "Sekai no hate made Itteq" and the English translation is something along the lines of "Lets go to the end of the world","end" meaning the furthest place in the world. The show is extremely popular in Japan and is hosted by Ayako Imoto (See Below) a very famous Japanese comedienne. The idea of the show is to search the world for idiots like me and to interact with us.

Click below to see what happened.



If you want to see more of Mr Methane you can do so by clicking on the fart above.

Hopefully we will get together again in the not to distant

After my collaboration with Mr Methane, I was approached by his pal John Fleming who produces a great daily Internet blog on the weird and wonderful.

I'm not sure which category I fall into but here is what he had to say after interviewing me.
This certificate was awarded to me by "Assist World Records" on the 1st February 2012, a new record breaking organisation based in Pondicherry,India. Thanks guys, I'm honoured.

You can find out more about them at   www.assistworldrecords.com
14th February 2012
Finally the footage I shot for The Discovery Channel back in May 2011 was shown on the DMAX Channel on Sky.
It was titled "SQUEAMISH". The show took a humorous and scientific look at various freaks from around the world.
I can only apologise for that dressing gown, there really is no excuse for that and the fact that the dustman had yet to arrive on the day of filming.

I will shortly be filming for a new programme to be shown on the CBBC Channel towards the end of the year. This sounds like it might be a laugh.
This has now been filmed recently at the very posh 'Parsons' restaurant in Waltham Abbey. I had a lovely meal and then let rip to the astonishment and disgust of the unsuspecting diners. I can't wait to see this one. The show is as yet Untitled.

Monday 23rd April 2012
I today paid a visit to the London Headquarters of Guinness World Records. It was great to see the guys again and also to meet some of the newer members of the crew.

This was my first visit to their Drummond Street office, and I was made to feel very welcome.

It was good to speak again to Craig Glenday, "The editor in chief", and whilst there he conducted an interview with me. Of course I could not leave without a demonstration.

Click the link below to see what happened.



24th June 2012

Well we didn't have to wait too long for those crazy Jap's to come back for a second helping of Mr Methane and I in action.

So off we went on a cold Sunday morning meeting by the River Thames for what was to be a day of great amusement.

We started off with a trip on the London eye,  my god it was windy in that capsule.

We then went to the British Museum where we were refused entry, I cant think why.

We then went to a pub in South London where the presenter Ayako Imoto, Mr Methane and I attempted to break a long standing Guinness World Record of sorting socks into pairs.

Failure was met with a forfeit of having to eat an extremely hot whole naga chilli.

Needless to say we all failed miserably, now I don't mind spicy but them nagas were proper hot, and I made the fatal error of touching my eyes and was blinded for about 20 minutes. This scene was edited out probably because of my obvious distress, although I thought that would have been right up their street knowing how they love inflicting pain on their TV shows.

We then went off to another pub in Balham called "The Exhibit", this pub is one of very few in the world and only four in England that have gaming machines in the toilets, gents only I assume, that are controlled by the aim and strength of your pee.

The owner of this pub actually invented these games and they were great fun particularly guiding penguins down the ski slope.

We then retired to the bar for a nice cold pint and that was the end of another fun day.

We now just had to wait to see the final edit that was to be shown on Japanese TV on Sunday 8th July 2012.

Upon seeing this it was a bit disappointing to see that most of the days proceedings had been edited out, particularly the chilli incident as I ultimately suffered in vain.

Needless to say it was great to see my mate Mr Methane again and the video is still amusing, take a look below to see the finished product.

Once again John Fleming produced one of his great daily online blogs about the days exploits, see below.


30th August 2012
I was asked to do an interview for Chat magazine. Why not I thought to myself. See the article below, I was well pleased with that.
Great news I made it in this year.
13th September 2012
I also did a radio interview for BBC THREE COUNTIES (see Radio Page) to promote the release of the book.
October 2012
I was asked to take part in a short film for Guinness World Records forthcoming YouTube channel.

The show is titled "OMG" and I feature in the "on the road section."

It finally appeared in Late November. Click below to see what happened.

This video was shot for a children's show titled "OPERATION OUCH" and was shown on the "CBBC" channel on boxing day 2012.

It was filmed in the plush Parsons restaurant near to where I live in Waltham Abbey.


I also featured in the book that accompanied the Show.


February 2013

On the 12th, I appeared in the Cambridge show and on the 22nd at Southend.

This was a nationwide tour showcasing many scientific records in which audience participation
enabled numerous records to be set and broken.

March 2013

Click on the above to see what happened.

This was my latest TV appearance shown on 20/03/13.

"The Body Shocking Show" took a look around the world showcasing people with varying degrees of body modification to the just plain stupid, I suppose I fall within the last category.

It was hosted by Pete Firman, a magician and comedian and the lovely Jessica- Jane Clement.


October 2014

I was invited to GWR's London HQ to celebrate the books 60th anniversary , Check out the GWR page to see what happened.


On January 15th 2015, I was invited onto The Mel & Sue show.
Click on the Link below to see what happened.


I am very proud that I have held the record for 18 Long years.

To Celebrate this great achievement, on the 23rd April 2015,
this Video was filmed for BBC 3 Counties to acknowledge the above



  March 2018

After several years absence from the good book I am loud and proud to say that
I have been included in the latest publication from Guinness World Records.

Released in The UK in March 2018 it's titled SCIENCE&STUFF"
and it's about, as you'd probably guess, science and stuff.

The book takes a more in depth and scientific look at some of the more amusing records
whilst at the same time being educational.



  Having been included in the above mentioned book I was invited to this brilliant event.

Go to "The Big Bang Fair 2018" page to find out what happened.




August 2018
After an absence of some seven years I'm delighted to say that I am back In the book.
My entry refers to appearing at "The Big Bang Fair"




Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule November 2018 



I was invited to appear on this show as Harry, I'm told, is a big fan of mine.

Also on the show were The Krankies, Pam St Clement (Pat Butcher) Chris Packham and Chelsee Healy.

I'm told the show will air in June 2019.